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About Us

We are a small registered charity (no. 1001513) that finds good homes for unwanted horses, providing the care, rehabilitation and training they need until they can be rehomed. We’re based on a small farm on the outskirts of Scarborough, and have a chariity shop in the town centre.​


Visitors and helpers are welcome by arrangement; please contact us.

A Brief History

Our horse rescue and rehoming work began in rented fields in Scarborough.  Horses found their way to us from various situations.  Some had suffered physical abuse while others were simply unwanted, but all were in need of care, and we started the charity because there was no other rescue centre in the area.

We purchased our first piece of land in 2010, and, thanks to the Sunshine Memorial Fund, we purchased the rest of the farm in Scarborough in 2014.  The farm, with its 24 acres of grazing, houses our horses and ponies while they are being rehabilitated or waiting for their new, loving family to find them!

Rescued ponies George and Feather
Our Aims
  • To provide care, rehabilitation and rehoming facilities for abused, unwanted or neglected horses, ponies and donkeys.

  • To provide advice and practical help to people needing to re-home their horse due to financial or other constraints.

  • To actively promote greater knowledge and understanding of the nature of horses, resulting in better welfare, handling, training and treatment.

Our Approach to Horses and Training

Some of our horses have suffered a lot of abuse and trauma, and need a lot of help and support to overcome their fears.

All of our highly experienced staff and volunteers work using horse-friendly, kind methods to ensure that our horses receive the best training and lots of TLC.

We work closely with experienced therapists, vets, farriers and physios to keep our horses happy and healthy.

All of our horses have as natural a life as possible, normally living in small herds in large paddocks all year round unless they have individual needs that make this lifestyle unsuitable. This is how horses have evolved to live, and where they are happiest and healthiest.

How We Help Our Local Community

  • Volunteer opportunities to develop key skills, in our charity shop or at the farm.

  • Providing education to address the causes of welfare issues.

How We Help Horse Owners

In the future we intend to continue improving overall horse welfare by providing workshops and training opportunities in the local area on various topics, including:

  • Elderly horse care

  • How horses communicate (and how to use this to you and your horse’s advantage by improving your own body language)

  • Basic groundwork and manners

  • Horse psychology and behaviour


We sometimes accept working students of all ages. If interested, please get in touch.

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