This is a soft, comfortable headcollar that will stop your dog pulling without effort, pain or discomfort.


If your dog pulls ahead of you, there will be pressure on your dog's nose and the head will  turn, this will stop the pulling without hurting your dog.

Ordinary collars and harnesses have the opposite effect and encourage pulling, because dogs naturally pull against anything that tightens on their neck or shoulders.


The Pullstoppa will train as well as restrain your dog, who will quickly learn not to pull at all, even when s/he feels nothing on the nose. Supplied with full instructions for use.


Your dog will be able to pant naturally and also drink whilst wearing the Pullstoppa.

It's very simple to use - clip your normal lead to the ring and the Pullstoppa will only come into effect if your dog pulls.

Pullstoppa is perfect for all dogs that have a long or normal nose, and is not suitable for short nosed breeds such as Bulldogs and Boxers. Here are a few examples of dogs for which the Pullstoppa is the perfect solution.

German Shepherd
All Belgian Shepherd breeds
Golden Retriever
All Pointer Breeds
Border Collie
Smooth Collie
Rough Collie
Doberman and all Pinscher breeds
Bernese Mountain Dog

Please measure your dog around the nose just below the eyes, as shown in one of the photos. If the measurement is between sizes please order the size above.

UK made from soft webbing - lightweight and strong.

Machine washable and quick drying.

The Pullstoppa is designed to fit comfortably just below the eyes - does not ride up into the eyes if correctly sized and fitted!
The lead must NOT be jerked or pulled hard - only the gentle pressure created by your dog is needed.

Complete with a quick release clip and adjustable head strap to allow correct fitting and easy leading.

Low price to clear as we need the space. FREE webbing collar with all orders for a limited time

PULLSTOPPA no pull humane dog halter

  • Material: Webbing

    Machine washable: Yes

    Suitable for daily use: Yes

    Suitable for professional use: Yes

    Suitable for training: Yes

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