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If you are interested in rehoming Grace, please fill out our rehoming application.

Stunning 3yo to make 15hh filly with attitude

Grace is an attractive Irish Sports / Appaloosa X filly. Her mum is 14.1 hands, and Grace is expected to make around 15 hands.

She is well marked, moves well and learns quickly. She is sharp and fast, and needs regular handling and training to stimulate her mind. She is beautiful, talented and knows it! A fast learner, Grace enjoys the stimulation of learning and will do well with someone who can play with her regularly.

She is well put together, moves well, and will do well in any discipline. She has both presence and attitude, and can be challenging. Grace is not an easy horse sometimes and will take advantage of inexperienced handlers. She is also very affectionate and loves a cuddle – she needs a home where she will be loved but also given leadership. She lives out, though does not mind coming in at night in winter

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Requirements for loan homes:​
  • Daily turnout – Although most of our horses prefer to live outdoors all year round, most of them do not mind being stabled at night, but we only rehome to yards who provide daily turnout all year round

  • Group turnout – Horses are herd animals and need to live with other horses. While most of our horses would not mind being left alone for short periods we do not rehome horses to environments where they will be kept alone for long periods. We rehome youngsters from 1 year upwards, and in most cases, we will only rehome where they will have at least one other youngster to play with (like human children, horses need other youngsters to play with to develop good social skills)

  • We rehome to most areas of Yorkshire - other locations may be considered depending on circumstances

  • Youngsters – We only rehome unbroken horses to homes with previous experience of starting and schooling horses

In most cases, we ask for a donation towards costs when loaning a horse from us.

Insurance – except with older horses where vet cover may not be viable, we advise you to have suitable 3rd party liability and vet fees cover as a minimum.

We rehome horses and ponies on a permanent loan basis. We retain ownership and if ever you are unable to keep the horse, he or she can be brought back to us. We are always on hand to provide help and advice if needed.