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Rehome a Horse

Can you provide a loving new family for one of our rescued horses or ponies?

There are many advantages to rehoming a horse – as well as giving the horse a second chance in life, most of our horses are here for several months, so we get to know them well and can match up both you and the horses' character, abilities and individual needs to ensure you are a perfect match!

We have no commercial interest in letting a horse go to an unsuitable home – we put a lot time, effort and care into ensuring our horses are settled and happy, so will do all in our power to ensure the best match for both of you to ensure a happy and lifelong partnership. We only offer our horses and ponies when they have been through our basic training, which includes leading, ground manners and basic groundwork.

If you are thinking of applying for one of our horses please get in touch for a chat and to arrange a visit. Our perfect loan homes are those where a horse will be treated as part of the family.

Requirements for loan homes:
  • Daily turnout – Although most of our horses prefer to live outdoors all year round, most of them do not mind being stabled at night, but we only rehome to yards who provide daily turnout all year round

  • Group turnout – Horses are herd animals and need to live with other horses. While most of our horses would not mind being left alone for short periods we do not rehome horses to environments where they will be kept alone for long periods. We rehome youngsters from 1 year upwards, and in most cases, we will only rehome where they will have at least one other youngster to play with (like human children, horses need other youngsters to play with to develop good social skills)

  • We rehome to most areas of Yorkshire - other locations may be considered depending on circumstances

  • Youngsters – We only rehome unbroken horses to homes with previous experience of starting and schooling horses

In most cases, we ask for a donation towards costs when loaning a horse from us.

Insurance – except with older horses where vet cover may not be viable, we advise you to have suitable 3rd party liability and vet fees cover as a minimum.

We rehome horses and ponies on a permanent loan basis. We retain ownership and if ever you are unable to keep the horse, he or she can be brought back to us. We are always on hand to provide help and advice if needed.

Ready for rehoming


Please note that we do not currently have any horses available to rehome who would be suitable as first ponies or that are suitable for novices

14.2 Ex jumping pony for fun riding / hacking

Stan is a 14.2hh 23yo ex BSJA jumping pony, fit and well.
He has recently been used as a companion, but is happy to be ridden too. He is currently being brought back into work and will enjoy being ridden regularly by a lightweight adult or teenager. He is well schooled but quick when ridden and throws the odd buck when excited, but is a fun ride and shows no signs of slowing down!
Good to catch, and deal with. Lives out but does not mind coming in at night.

Stunning unbroken Welsh C cross Pony Club type

Isla is an attractive 5yo bay mare of approx. 14 hands. She learns quickly, is responsive, good to deal with - catch, stable, farrier, rugs etc.
She has a lovely bold and inquisitive nature, nice paces, is well put together, and will make a super Riding Club / Pony Club ride for a lightweight adult or teenager once broken in. She prefers to live out, but does not mind being stabled at night in winter

14.1hh talented and sharp riding/driving project

Candy is a talented 14.1 hands Irish Sports pony x Appaloosa mare. She is NOT broken to ride.
She is around 13 to 14 years old and was in her previous home for 8 years. Her owner was a retired gentleman who bought her as a 2 year old and used her for pleasure driving in the countryside. He sold her when he became unable to continue driving due to his arthritis (he is well into his 70's). Candy is a fast pony who needs a job to do, and was too sharp for her new owner. She was then sold on and passed around over a few months before coming to us.
She needed time off, and was given this, and also produced an unexpected filly foal the following spring, so has had more time off than planned!
Although fast, sharp and mareish at times, Candy responds well to leadership and will do well with someone with the time and ability to form a relationship with her - she is happy to do as she is told, however needs to respect you first. Once she gets to know you, she is very affectionate, trainable and willing to please. She has excellent paces and a great jump, and would excel in a competitive environment. She is fine in traffic, is used to going out alone, and would also make a good and active hack!
If you are interested in rehoming Candy, we would suggest you come and visit and if all goes well, stay for a few days to get to know each other before a decision is taken - we would like her next home to be long term!

Stunning rising 3 filly with attitude

Grace is an attractive Irish Sports / Appaloosa X filly. Her mum is 14.1 hands, and Grace is expected to make around 15 hands.

She is well marked, moves well and learns quickly. She is sharp and fast, and needs regular handling and training to stimulate her mind. She is beautiful, talented and knows it! A fast learner, Grace enjoys the stimulation of learning and will do well with someone who can play with her regularly.

She is well put together, moves well, and will do well in any discipline. She has both presence and attitude, and can be challenging. Grace is not an easy horse sometimes and will take advantage of inexperienced handlers. She is also very affectionate and loves a cuddle – she needs a home where she will be loved but also given leadership. She lives out, though does not mind coming in at night in winter

14.1 19yo Attractive TBx gelding

Indy is a well put together TB x Connemara teenage gelding. He has previously jumped and competed and is just coming back into work, having had some time off as a companion.
He is nice natured, in good health, and good to catch, trim, rug, stable etc. and is up to date with teeth and worming. He lives out but does not mind coming in at night.
Indy enjoys hacking out and once he is fitter would be happy to pop the odd small jump, and would also be suitable for local show classes as he moves very well. He can be spooky, especially if he has not been ridden regularly, and so does need a confident and considerate rider.

He adores mares, and we would like a home for him where he can live among them.

He must not be allowed to get too fat as he had a mild attack of laminitis 4 years ago when he became overweight.

4yo 12.3hh cob mare

Holly was born at the farm and has known nothing but kindness. She is a very bold, inquisitive, and friendly youngster who is afraid of nothing.

She will make a lovely child's pony as she is confident and easygoing. She loves attention and being groomed!

Good with other horses, the farrier etc. and to catch.

11h 4yo Welsh A x Shetland gelding project or companion

George is a sweet, inquisitive, confident and good-natured youngster who will make a nice pony when started. He is good with other horses and to catch and handle, though can sometimes be a little overconfident he is fine when treated with patience and understanding.

Good with other horses, the farrier etc. and to catch

Attractive riding/ native show project

Alice is a well put together, fit and healthy low mileage 18 year old Native mare of around 14 hands. She was purchased by a novice family as an unbroken 5 year old, and sadly suffered much abuse due to the methods used to "break" her in. Fortunately she was later bought by a kind lady, who started to work with her and give her a new start in life.
Alice responded well, however her owner became ill and had to rehome her horses, which is how Alice came to be with us. Despite her previous treatment, Alice is good natured and clearly wants to engage with people - she has just been hurt enough that she is very wary, with good reason.
A livery yard environment would not suit her - she needs to be handled and cared for by the person who is giving her the 1 to 1 that she needs, rather than by several people.

Please note - she is NOT ready to be ridden - she requires work and starting from scratch.

We are looking for someone who would like a very rewarding project - the small amount we have done with Alice has shown us how much she would like to trust people again.

If you are interested in rehoming Alice, we would suggest you come and visit and if all goes well, stay for a few days to get to know each other before a decision is taken - we would like her next home to be long term!

Approx 12.2 7yo project pony

Jasmine is a pretty bay mare, aged approx 7 years old. She has had very little done with her, though she likes people, especially if they have carrots, and with time and regular handling will come on well.
She is available on long term loan as a project pony to a knowledgeable home only.

Project - Well put together Dartmoor mare

Ginny is a well put together black Dartmoor hill pony mare with lots of presence. She is 8 years old and has had very little done with her, though she likes people, especially if they have carrots, and with time and regular handling will come on well.
She is nervous and needs regular and gentle handling, so is available on long term loan as a project pony to a knowledgeable home only.

13.2 Unbroken Black native mare

Betsy is a pretty, well put together native pony mare. She is 7 years old, has had basic handling, and is now ready to move onto a home with previous experience of starting horses. She is good natured, gets on well with horses and people, lives in or out and is good to catch. She is up to date with teeth and worming and good for the farrier.
Betsy will make a good riding pony once trained, however, like most natives, she has spirit, and will push the boundaries sometimes, so does need a home with plenty of previous experience and the time to handle her regularly.
She currently lives out, though she is quite happy to come in at night in winter.

3yo 13.2hh cob mare

Dora is a good natured nice type of cob filly. She is a happy pony who gets on well with everyone.

Like all youngsters, she will push the boundaries sometimes but with gentle and consistent handling she will make a lovely show cob.

Gets on well with people and other horses. She is good to catch and with the farrier etc.

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