Rehome a Horse

Can you provide a loving new family for one of our rescued horses or ponies?

There are many advantages to rehoming a horse – as well as giving the horse a second chance in life, most of our horses are here for several months, so we get to know them well and can match up both you and the horses' character, abilities and individual needs to ensure you are a perfect match!

We have no commercial interest in letting a horse go to an unsuitable home – we put a lot time, effort and care into ensuring our horses are settled and happy, so will do all in our power to ensure the best match for both of you to ensure a happy and lifelong partnership. We only offer our horses and ponies when they have been through our basic training, which includes leading, ground manners and basic groundwork.

Our perfect loan homes are those where a horse will be treated as part of the family.

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Ready for rehoming


Please note that we do not currently have any horses available to rehome who would be suitable as first ponies or that are suitable for novices








Potential ridden





Appaloosa x Irish Sports Pony


Project - very sharp

Potential ridden (broken to drive)

20190723_101846 (2).jpg

Holly and Willie

15.2hh and 15.3hh

Mare and gelding

Irish Draught and Lusitano​

22yo and 24yo

Ridden/companions - light hacking

Must be rehomed together





Dartmoor pony


Project - unhandled

Potential ridden (unbroken)

20200524_101725 (2).jpg




Irish Sports Pony​



Potential ridden (unbroken)







Project - needs confidence

Potential ridden (unbroken)

Requirements for loan homes:
  • Daily turnout – Although most of our horses prefer to live outdoors all year round, most of them do not mind being stabled at night, but we only rehome to yards who provide daily turnout all year round.

  • Group turnout –  Horses are herd animals and have a psychological need to socialise with others, just like us, and must be able to touch, play with and groom each other every day, not just look at each other over a fence. While most of our horses would not mind being left alone for short periods we do not rehome horses to environments where they will be kept alone for long periods, or where only individual turnout is available.

  • We rehome to most areas of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire only - Sorry, no exceptions

  • Youngsters – We only rehome unbroken horses to homes with previous experience of starting and schooling horses. We rehome youngsters from 1 year upwards, and in most cases, we will only rehome where they will have at least one other youngster to play with (like human children, horses need other youngsters to play with to develop good social skills).

In most cases, we ask for a donation towards costs when loaning a horse from us.

Insurance – except with older horses where vet cover may not be viable, we advise you to have suitable 3rd party liability and vet fees cover as a minimum.

We rehome horses and ponies on a permanent loan basis. We retain ownership and if ever you are unable to keep the horse, he or she can be brought back to us. We are always on hand to provide help and advice if needed.

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