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Available for rehoming in the following areas:

Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire only

Other information:

Suitable for:


Tilly is an attractive small pony of  around 11 hands. She is 5 years old and kind natured. 

She is quite highly-strung and easily frightened. Consequently, she needs an experienced home that can provide her with a steady routine. With patience and dedication, she will flourish.

Tilly bonds well with people and  loves a good scratch. So far she has not seen much of the world, and  would benefit from going out for walks once she has settled in her new home.

Like all young ponies she needs  suitable companions and lots of space to run and play. She currently  lives out 24/7 with a mixed group of horses. This lifestyle is ideal for  her, though she would be OK to come in at night in winter as long as  the group of horses she lives with was coming in as well.

As she is so highly strung it is unlikely that she would ever be suitable for riding, however she will make a lovely companion.

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