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Urgent appeal to help Shadow

We are making an urgent appeal for our rescue pony, Shadow.

Please read his story below, and share far and wide!

Shadow had been badly treated when young and was taken in by an elderly lady who loved horses. When she passed away, her home was sold, and the family were very distraught at the prospect of having their Mum’s beloved horse put to sleep because he now had nowhere to live. No one would take him because he was still very nervous due to his past, and he was also affected by the loss of his owner – horses form strong emotional bonds. Arrangements were made for him to be caught and put to sleep, but fortunately he escaped, and this saved his life, as a local farmer told us of his plight and we were able to able to take him in.

Shadow is a very loving, happy horse who lives in a 10-acre field at our farm with his friends.

On Tuesday evening Shadow developed colic. The vet was called, and he was taken to the equine hospital to assess his condition. Upon arrival, he was referred for immediate emergency surgery.

Every life is precious at All For Horses, and we always do everything we can to help our horses recover.

Due to complications, the surgery will now cost several thousand pounds, a massive amount of money for a small Charity like us (there is no NHS for horses!). We are asking our fellow horse lovers to donate to help us cover Shadow’s vet bill and allow us to continue to help horses and ponies in need just like Shadow.

How to donate:

Donations can be made direct to our Barclays bank account with the reference ‘Shadow’, Sort code 20 75 92, account number 53116468, account name All For Horses, alternatively please click here to donate through PayPal.

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