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Shadow update

We are sad to report that Shadow passed away today despite having 24hr intensive care at the equine hospital.

Everybody at All For Horses is devastated, and we would like to thank everyone for your donations and many kind messages of support.

The day before the colic, Shadow was bucking and playing in the field with his herd as normal. He was fit and healthy and a good candidate for surgery. The colic returned earlier today and he was simply too ill to pull through. The staff at Rainbow worked tirelessly round the clock and did all they could to save him.

We are still appealing for donations towards the cost of Shadow's treatment, as this is a massive expense for us. Please help if you can.

We intend to create a Memorial Fund in his memory.

As a small Charity, we have very little in the way of resources for extra expenditure like this, so Shadow's Memorial Fund will help us cover the costs of large or unexpected treatment in future

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