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Two foals abandoned - just before Christmas

Our latest arrivals are Felix (left) and Tiny Tim (right), who were left to fend for themselves this winter at only a few months old.

Felix is very friendly and loves to meet new people and have cuddles! He sometimes get tummy ache and needs medicine and extra help from the vet, but is a lovely boy and knows we are here to help him! Tim is very nervous of people, but is slowly learning to trust us by following Felix's example

Sadly, their story is not an unusual one. Foals are often abandoned, especially colts (baby boys). This is because the cost of caring for them during their first winter, passporting, microchipping and castrating (neutering) them when they are older costs hundreds of pounds - sadly often more than the foal is worth in money.

Felix and Tim were fortunate enough to be taken in by All For Horses, but many are less lucky.

Please help Felix and Tim, and enable us to help more horses and ponies in need!

You can sponsor them today for just £1 a week.

Below: Felix and Tim upon arrival

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